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Welcome to Monroe, NC

Monroe, North Carolina Photo submitted by Jack Smoluk


About Monroe:

Monroe is a city located in Union County, North Carolina. As of the 2000 census, the city had a total population of 26,228. It is the county seat of Union County. (More Info and Source) Monroe Real Estate

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Monroe Area News

Easter weekend storm takes several Charlotte trees down

Easter weekend’s storms brought several trees in Charlotte down, including one in Meyers Park.

“We just heard …crash …and then ‘boom,’ and that was the tree [hitting] the car right there,” Fernando Cuzco said.

The tree narrowly missed Cuzco’s home, but his neighbor’s car wasn’t so lucky

“Fortunately, it didn’t hit the house, but it sure did a number on that station wagon,” Mike O’Shaughnessy said.

Sunday joggers and bikers had to go around the giant tree near Irby Drive and Westfield Road.

“It’s got to be 50-60 years old,” O’Shaughnessy said. “And with all the rain we had, it just loosened up the ground.”

The wind certainly didn’t help, but it wasn’t an isolated incident. Eyewitness News reported on widespread tree issues in the Charlotte area on Friday, warning that because of the upcoming weekend storms--more large, older, damaged trees could easily fall. Saturday night, several trees fell within hours of each other.

Firefighters told Eyewitness News that a tree fell on a home on Augusta Road because of the saturated ground. Saturday a tree snapped in two in south Charlotte, taking power lines with it. People are worried about other trees that are now weakened by the weather.

“That one is [leaning] to the left,” Cuzco said, pointing out a neighbor’s tree. “And I got this one too. You can see it’s [leaning].”

Sun, 20 Apr 2014 17:38:17 -0400

Roof collapses Sunday at Bank of America branch

The Charlotte Fire Department responded to a roof collapse on Sunday afternoon at a Charlotte Bank of America branch.

It happened on the 8500 block of North Tryon Street close to Harris Boulevard.

No injuries were reported.

Channel 9 reached out to the Charlotte Fire Department about the cause of the collapse, but no information could be provided.

Check back with for updates.

Sun, 20 Apr 2014 17:16:37 -0400

Are captains required to go down with their ships?

"The captain goes down with the ship" is a line that any seafaring person, or movie buff, would be familiar with. It's the idea that a sea captain holds ultimate responsibility for not only his ship, but everyone on board and will go down with it if that's what it takes. 

For many, the iconic scene  in "Titanic" of Capt. Edward Smith's heroic demise on the bridge was the introduction to the maritime concept. (Paramount Pictures / "The Titanic")

But, unsurprisingly, reality rarely lives up to the silver screen. The captains of Italy's Costa Concordia in 2012 and more recently the South Korean Sewol ferry were far from the last to disembark their ships before they capsized. (Via YouTube / Team BlacksheepVoice of America)

And this isn't a new thing. In 1991 the captain of the Greek cruise liner Oceanos was lambasted after abandoning ship. (Via ABC)

Which brings us to the question: just how serious is the tradition that the captain goes down with his ship?

The modern U.S. code, according to a professor at Florida's Coastal School of Law interviewed byNPR, states that the captain is "legally required to render assistance to every single person trying to get off that ship, and also identify those people who may have been killed in the incident."

ABC notes that while there aren't any international maritime laws requiring a captain to stay with his sinking ship, "many countries either have their own laws or subscribe to international treaties that mandate certain behavior."

One such international treaty is the Safety of Life at Sea convention handled by the International Maritime Organization, which has been signed by both Italy and South Korea. The convention requires that passenger ships have emergency management systems in place. (Via United Nations)

Speaking with the BBC, a former Swedish master mariner noted an unspoken rule: that the captain is to stay on board the ship to direct evacuation in the case of an emergency.

"How would a captain fulfill his obligations if he was not on board? Emergency responses are nearly almost always coordinated from the ship - you have fairly limited options for getting necessary information from a lifeboat."

The New York Times points out it's a complicated code of conduct though, saying that while civil courts in the U.S. have long seen captains as responsible for their crew, "the cases in South Korea and Italy seem likely to test the notion of criminal liability in disasters."

Both captains of the South Korean ferry and Italian cruiseliner are facing criminal charges. But while Francesco Schettino of the Concordia is on trial for manslaughter, Lee Jun-seok is only facing charges for negligence of duty and violation of maritime law.

Sun, 20 Apr 2014 15:17:06 -0400

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